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vrijdag, maart 24th, 2017

Swisscom found a way to combine online and street media: by writing tweets in snow. The company helped to cheer on the Swiss competitors of the Alpine World Ski Championships in St. Moritz. It took two days to carve a one-line design of the tweets and portraits of the ski-champions  into a giant snow field, a canvas of 16 football fields. Specially engineered snow robots were used to carve the design, which contained 20 km of messages.


donderdag, maart 23rd, 2017

The United Nations started the #stoptherobbery campaign to make people more  aware of the fact that globally women only make 77 cents for every dollar earned by men. The UN calls this “the biggest robbery in history”. A street stunt was organized to create awareness. Two actors asked passersby if they wanted to pay 77 cents or 1 dollar for a shoe shine. If they paid 77 cents, the shoe shine is done by a woman, and for one dollar by a man. The actors tell that they are exactly the same, the only difference is the price.

The sound of sweetness: Sonic Sweetener

donderdag, maart 23rd, 2017

To make people more aware of how sweet some beverages are, Xin Cafe introduced the Sonic Sweetener. The company aims to reduce sugar consumption by making people more aware of the fact that their beverages contain a lot of sugar. People naturally associate certain sounds to sweetness. The sonic sweetener combines these sounds with beverages. The sounds help people to focus their attention to the sweet taste, as a result, the food or drink tastes even sweeter.


Arrive Alive: Metal Bar Coasters

woensdag, maart 22nd, 2017

A small object with a big message: the metal bar coasters made by Arrive Alive. The coasters are made from car wrecks and contained the message: “this coaster used to be a car. That car never made it home”. This campaign aims to make people think about the consequences of drinking and driving. The coasters were spread on st. Patrick’s day, one of the biggest drinking nights of the year.

Arrive Alive coasters

Arrive Alive coasters

Arrive Alive coasters


VR: a step further

dinsdag, maart 21st, 2017

VR in marketing: it’s becoming more and more common. Davos Klosters (a ski-resort) took it to the next level: they combined the VR-glasses experience with other senses, like smell and feel. This way, people could get a complete experience of the ski-resort. Even when they removed the device, the experience continued with hot chocolate and actors.

New Balance and KMRC: Fury Miles

maandag, maart 20th, 2017

Winter is a dead season for runners. Runners think it’s too cold and switch to the gym or stop running at all. New Balance and KMRC found a way to promote outdoor running in winter even when the weather is bad: fury miles. An app connected the number of miles people run, the weather and the location. This way, participants were encouraged to run in bad weather conditions.

Heinz and Mad Men

donderdag, maart 16th, 2017

Why think of new ideas when Don Draper (Mad Men) already did this in his fictional job, fifty fictional years ago? He pitched a brilliant ad campaign for Heinz in the television show Mad Men using the tagline: “Pass the Heinz”. Heinz decided that the time has come to use the ad campaign that Draper pitched: the perfect combination of a PR-stunt and some truly strong ads. The brand will use the ads almost exactly as how Don proposed them. Heinz didn’t have the original images used in the television show, so the brand had to recreate the pictures of the fries, steak and burger.


Essent: De Nachtwas

vrijdag, maart 10th, 2017

The Dutch energy provider Essent introduces the same energy price for both day and night. A lot of people still do their laundry at night because they think it saves money. This stunt by Essent shows that the “nightwash” (Nachtwas) is something that belongs to the past, it belongs in a museum. The brand collaborated with graffiti artists to recreate the famous painting De Nachtwacht, but instead of paint they used laundry.


OREO Dunk Challenge: The Drone Dunk

dinsdag, maart 7th, 2017

OREO cookie drones fly against the New York City skyline for this epic, height-defying dunk.

Folktandvården: Zero cavitites

maandag, maart 6th, 2017

Zero cavities is a campaign where Folktandvården, the public dental service in Stockholm, informs the citizens about their right to dental care. They took their vision to the city of Stockholm to see how people would react when holes are removed from where people are accustomed to find them.