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Shots of change

woensdag, juni 21st, 2017

The Favela Do Muquiço in Rio de Janeiro is an area which has it’s own laws. The Bola Pra Frente Institute is situated in the middle of this. This institute aims to keep kids away from drug trafficking through sport and education. A lot of parents in the area still don’t know about the institute and it’s good work. The Shots of Change project tries to make them more aware. Walls with bullet holes were transformed into billboards for the institute, using the holes as marks on a football field.

NBA: Bungee Dunk

dinsdag, oktober 7th, 2014

What happens when you join Crocantíssimo with the best of NBA? An even more surprising way of playing basketball! Brazilian agency Africa Zero had the chance to work with NBA to promote the NBA Global Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Friendly Traffic: Piano

dinsdag, augustus 5th, 2014

In Brazil, many people still risk their lives crossing the street. Friendly Traffic tried to remind the Brazilians in a friendly way that using the crosswalk is always safer and that it doesn’t need to be a burden. This is how they did it:

Alerj | Is this what you smell like?!

dinsdag, mei 28th, 2013

Alerj, Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro, wanted to show smokers how unpleasant their smell is to non-smokers, thus promoting reflection on their part and hopefully leading them to stop smoking. So instead of talking about the usual stuff, like death and cancer, they went directly for every person’s weakness: self-esteem.