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Mini Crime Scenes in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

maandag, april 24th, 2017

Sometimes the most tiny things catch the attention. launched the new online mini crime-series De Vlucht. To promote this, Raúl & Rigel placed many miniature crime-scenes in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. These included chalk outlines of the corpse, drops of blood and police tape. The campaign was promoted on instagram, and people could share pictures using the hashtage #minicrimescene when they found one of the mini crime scenes.

Mini Crime scene de Vlucht

Mini Crime scene de Vlucht
Mini Crime scene de Vlucht

Greenchoice: Warmetruiendag

vrijdag, februari 10th, 2017

Today all of the Netherlands is encouraged to turn their thermostat down and wear a sweater, that’s just what we did. By doing this, you are participating in the national Warm Jumper Day and, as a result, are saving a considerable amount of energy and CO2 emissions. Greenchoice is sponsoring this day and through their Facebook channel you could win the coolest sweater ever.. A sweater with a quote of the popular Rotterdam collective Mwoah.

Schermafbeelding 2017-02-10 om 13.26.05

Hornbach: #smeltbaar #meltable

donderdag, december 8th, 2016

If you read the blog yesterday, you know that today I am going to tell you a secret. Yesterday there were appearing very mysterious snowmen in five different cities in the Netherlands. Namely in The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Utrecht. People posted online many pictures of the snowmen with the #smeltbaar. They were very curious, because ‘How could it happen?’ and ‘From who came this message?’. Well, I know. The message came from Hornbach, because they wanted to spread already the winter feeling and promote their infusible snowman!

S.O.S melting snowmen! #smeltbaar #meltable

woensdag, december 7th, 2016

Today, there were appearing very mysterious snowmen made of real snow in five different cities in the Netherlands. Very strange because it is still to warm for snow. All the snowmen were standing with a signboard with the text #smeltbaar (#meltable). From who came this message? Well, tomorrow we will tell you this secret.


DSM: Solar Park

donderdag, november 3rd, 2016

With big construction boards in three major European cities – Paris, Rotterdam and Basel – DSM, in cooperation with Raúl&Rigel, let people believe that there came a real Solarpark. The campaign #BrightMindsChallenge is launched to let people realize one of the main problems of our time, namely the climate change. We need new invention and we have to do it together. #BrightMindsChallenge #ScienceCanChangeTheWorld

Raúl&Rigel + Europe’s biggest Video Mapping!

vrijdag, november 29th, 2013

Wow, THE FILM IS READY! We showed the largest videomapping in Europe on the façade of the “De Rotterdam” last Monday. The imagination of Project A15 and Natuur & Milieu. Watch the movie!

Raúl&Rigel | Biggest Videomapping in Europe!

dinsdag, november 26th, 2013

Last night: video mapping De Rotterdam by Milieudefensie and Natuur & Milieu. Produced and developed by Raúl&Rigel.


Official Trailer: DC Mast Climbing

donderdag, april 18th, 2013

Clothing brand Gaastra presents: the Dutch championship mast climbing! Get the flag & win € 4.000 on Gaastra clothing tomorrow in Rotterdam!