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Heineken: Bigger doesn’t mean better!

dinsdag, oktober 10th, 2017

Heineken used some guerrilla tactics in their hometown Amsterdam to promote the small Heineken bottles. In front of “a giant” Samsung Billboard which says “Do bigger things” for Samsung Note 8 Heineken parked “a small” moving billboard which says “or Mini Things”.


Samsung makes an ad come to life

zondag, maart 26th, 2017

It’s time for another interactive billboard! The ad for the the campaign by Samsung for the Gear S3 Smartwatch looks like a normal ad in a bus shelter. Just like the Samsung Gear S3 looks like a regular watch. But then something surprising happens. The model in the ad starts moving, which is kind of cool but not that amazing, since moving billboards aren’t new. Then the model starts talking to people! He askes questions and let people make pictures of him. Eventually he even askes a man if he wants to replace him in the ad, which actually happens. Cool!


Samsung: It’s a match

dinsdag, februari 14th, 2017

Samsung’s Valentine’s day campaign launched on February 7th and went viral immediately. On the website you can make your own, personalized Valentine’ s day video based on information of your Facebook-profile. The website creates a short video about dating apps, in which you can be the main character. In the video, three attractive males or females check out your profile on their phone.

Samsung: LANdry

donderdag, juni 16th, 2016

Teens spend less time on housework now than ever. So Samsung set up a unique laundromat, featuring the Samsung Galaxy S7 and AddWash washing machine, to see if they could make teenagers look at chores in a new way.

Adformatie | Samsung: #EpicWish

donderdag, januari 28th, 2016

Snow artist Simon Beck is almost a professional when it comes to walking through the snow. With just a compass and a map he makes gigantic “snow art” which is best seen from great distances. After having made a selection from hundreds of wishes, a selected “Epic Wish” was drawn in the snow by Simon Beck. The images of this epic journey were all captured with a Samsung Galaxy S6, just to show what a great camera the Galaxy S6 has.

Samsung: 10 Minute Vacation

woensdag, november 25th, 2015

Some people didn’t have time for a vacation this year. So Samsung helped them charge their batteries in 10 minutes…

Samsung: eMotion Project

dinsdag, april 28th, 2015

It’s difficult for children who have to spend a long time in hospitals, trapped inside four walls and receiving medication without any sort of respite or diversion. Thanks to Samsung, that has the potential to change this. This film highlights the way in which we can use Virtual Reality for good, as opposed to just some wank at a tech conference.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

vrijdag, maart 27th, 2015

An interactive street ad in Amsterdam by JCDecaux brings Samsung newest smartphone literally in the spotlight. An exclusive sneak preview of the Galaxy S6 Edge will appear for a few seconds by pushing the button.



Samsung: Hearing Hands

maandag, maart 2nd, 2015

An amazing video from Samsung Turkey. They delivered an hearing impaired guy named Muharrem an exceptional day, with no barriers. Check out this touching video.

Samsung – Hearing Hands – Duyan Eller from Koray Ercelebi on Vimeo.

Samsung: Shark Diving in the Desert

donderdag, februari 26th, 2015

How Samsung made it possible to go shark diving in the desert. By Leo Burnett, Sydney Australia