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Coca-Cola: Hand-Crafted Billboards

woensdag, oktober 11th, 2017

In the fall of 2017, the iconic Coca-Cola wanted to show its appreciation for, and respect of, the local, the authentic, the community it is a part of. Cue the hand-crafted OOH, knitted and woven over the course of several months by the local ladies whose craft is a work of art, to tease a special Coke & Meals platform that would truly celebrate what we, as a community, hold dear: traditional Serbian cuisine, the unforgettable tastes of our country!

coca-cola_hand-crafted_billboards_1 2


MK Mountain Resort | Cotton lungs

woensdag, augustus 14th, 2013


MK Mountain Resort Kopaonik¬†gives this nice example of how to use something bad (pollution) in your advance! In one of the busiest and most polluted city streets they have placed big white lungs made of cotton. Due to the bizar air pollution, the lungs went from white to grey. On the last day of the campaign the message was revealed: “Take a deep breath. MK Mountain Resort Kopaonik”.