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Norwegian women’s national squad admit: We suck at football!

woensdag, juni 24th, 2015

The Norway women’s soccer team poked fun at itself and destroyed stereotypes about women’s soccer in this brilliant video.

How to win the world cup: Professor Stephen Hawking tells…

woensdag, mei 28th, 2014

Paddy Power shows in his ‘pre-World Cup campaign’ how to win the world cup by using science. Professor Stephen Hawking explains under which circumstances England should win the world cup. Whatch this video to see the professor’s conclusions.

Paulo Ito: Mural

donderdag, mei 22nd, 2014

Brazilian artist Paulo Ito painted a mural on the door of a schoolhouse in São Paulo’s middle class district, illustrating a true-to-life depiction of the living conditions in his country. The painting of a “starving Brazilian child with nothing to eat but a soccer ball” has since drawn massive international attention—with no intention of blaming anyone, Ito wanted to use his artwork as a medium to show the world that the situation of poverty in Brazil is not improving.


Golden Oldies: Bavaria Babes in Adfo Top 40

vrijdag, oktober 18th, 2013

Remember Bavaria’s guerrilla stunt with the Dutch Beer Babes during the world cup 2010? They’re no. 33 in the Adfo Top 40. The hotties were wearing Bavaria dresses during the Netherlands Denmark match in South Africa. FiFa didn’t appreciate the stunt, as Budweiser sponsors it. The ladies are arrested.

CS Hammam-Lif | 12th Man

vrijdag, juli 12th, 2013

For security reasons, the Tunisian Government decided that all Professional Football League games would be played without any audience in the stadiums. To reconnect the fans with the Club, the agency allowed supporters to cheer for their team without being in the stadium. With a downloadable mobile application that connects every fan to 40 giant speakers placed inside the stadium during the game: The 12th Man app.

Guerrilla Marketing | Bavaria Sluikreclame

vrijdag, mei 11th, 2012

Geen guerrilla marketing tijdens het EK? Bavaria denkt hier wederom heel anders over. Bavaria krijgt het weer voor elkaar de Bavaria Dress op een geniale manier onder de aandacht te brengen van het grote publiek.