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People worry more about spots on their car than spots on their skin

maandag, mei 29th, 2017

The problem with Melanoma is that people know about it, but they don’t worry about it. People worry more about spots on their car than spots on their skin. CANSA (Cancer Association of South Africa) wants to make people aware of this by putting spots where people don’t ignore them, and introduced the Car Melanoma.

Stickers of birthmarks were secretly placed on people’s cars. The backs of these stickers contained safe sun tips and invitations to free check ups at mobile health clinics.

NetFlorist: Happy Cam

maandag, juni 27th, 2016

A targeted online campaign directed guys to the NetFlorist site. There, they saw a new button: ‘Happy Cam’. By clicking this button when they ordered, they activated the Happy Cam and the reaction of their loved ones were filmed and sent back to the generous fellows.

SureSlim: The Chocolate Flyer

maandag, juli 6th, 2015

SureSlim is a weight-loss program that helps people lose weight through a customised health and wellness plan.They needed more people to sign-up. So the agency created ‘The Chocolate Flyer’. A flyer made out of 100% pure milk chocolate, that helped people lose weight…

Johannesburg Zoo: Night Tour Shadows

donderdag, juni 11th, 2015

The Joburg Zoo offers night tours, where you are able to see animals that only come out at night. But most people think of the zoo as a day trip. So how do you get families excited about visiting the zoo at night? You let them discover the animals for themselves by designing a series of educational posters.

Wrigley Orbit: Clean Teeth On The Go

woensdag, juli 16th, 2014

People in all walks of life carry tons of products with them to keep their foul breath from ruining interviews, parties or just day-to-day interactions. But among the mints, strips and sprays, gum is the most powerful, and popular, of the odor-killing products. South African coffee seller, Seattle Coffee Co. has teamed up Wrigley’s Orbit gum to help customers start the day energized and fresh, ready to face whatever challenges arise. With the help of South African advertising agency DDB and design studio Tag 8, Seattle Coffee Co is adding new coffee cup sleeves with individual samples of Orbit’s gum. The campaign, exclusive to South Africa, is called “Coffee On The Go, Clean Teeth On The Go.”



Thanks Madiba

vrijdag, december 6th, 2013

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Golden Oldies: Bavaria Babes in Adfo Top 40

vrijdag, oktober 18th, 2013

Remember Bavaria’s guerrilla stunt with the Dutch Beer Babes during the world cup 2010? They’re no. 33 in the Adfo Top 40. The hotties were wearing Bavaria dresses during the Netherlands Denmark match in South Africa. FiFa didn’t appreciate the stunt, as Budweiser sponsors it. The ladies are arrested.

Toyota | Outdoor Website

vrijdag, augustus 2nd, 2013

The new Toyota RAV4 is built for the guys who spend their weekends hiking and cycling, and not behind their computer screens surfing the net. That’s why it made perfect sense to actually take the website to them, and let them explore the new RAV4 in their adventure environment. So, using their mountain bike as a cursor, they navigated their way through a website that didn’t just look like the online version, but acted like it too.

Douwe Egberts | Bye Bye Red Eye

maandag, juli 29th, 2013

Douwe Egberts used facial recognition software to dispense coffee to tired passengers at O.R. Tambo International Airport in South Africa. All you had to do was yawn, and your caffeine fix appears right in front of your eyes.

Playboy | Wouldn’t Happen Online

maandag, april 15th, 2013

Something hot for the men among us to take a look at on their free Monday evening. Playboy South Africa placed a print ad in magazines with almost fully naked women, only their breasts were invisible because the page was split in two. The tagline “This wouldn’t happen online” was placed beneath the ad.