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Canary Islands: Canary’s fog taggers

donderdag, november 17th, 2016

To make the difference between the Canary Islands and Europe very obvious DEC BBDO and Brands choose the coldest and rainiest countries in Europe to spread one message. On a wet, grey day they wrote on windows of different forms of public transport sentences like “Right now, we’re on the beach” or “Do you miss the sun?” and all with the #CanaryIslands. See the campaign movie here.


Ghostbusters: Ghost Train

dinsdag, juli 19th, 2016

What if you decided to take the metro on an ordinary day and suddenly witnessed a paranormal phenomenon? This is what would happen to passengers taking Line 5 at the Alonso Martinez metro station in Madrid. A phenomenon that formed part of a hidden camera coup in the global launch of the return of Ghostbusters- one of the highest-grossing comedies of the 80s- which has become a viral success on social networks.

Coca-Cola: Happiness 360

maandag, juni 6th, 2016

Coca-Cola is a brand that is always looking for ways to innovate, but curiously in Spain, there is an element of branding that has remained almost unchanged for over 50 years: The Napkin Holder. For this reason, Coca-Cola developed a real prototype of a social napkin holder adapted to the demands of a new target: Millennials. Thus, the napkin holder would not only be a silent witness of greatest moments in a table, also it will become the experience with friends, in a shareable way of being connected in a 360ª mode.

HAPPINESS 360 INGLÉS from Territoriocreativo on Vimeo.

Renfe: Your time. Your train.

dinsdag, februari 23rd, 2016

Beautiful commercial made by Renfe – the Spanish Railways – about remarkable experiences on the train.

Greenpeace: Bees

maandag, februari 8th, 2016

Using the flight paths of bees and software designed specifically for this purpose Greenpeace has gathered thousands of bee signatures. Now Greenpeace is collecting 250.000 people signatures. Each time a person signs the petition that person’s signature will be instantly matched with one of the 250,000 bee signatures.

Annual Lottery Spain: Mannequin Factory

dinsdag, november 24th, 2015

Beautiful short animated video for the Annual Christmas Lottery in Spain. The story is about Justino, a nightworker in a Mannequin Factory. 3 minutes of pure pleasure.

Cheeky Street Artworks That Feature Clever, Punny Statements

woensdag, juli 8th, 2015


Spanish artist Sath has created amusing street art in Spain, Malaysia and Thailand. His colorful pieces, which are made mostly with spray painting, hand and brush techniques, give a playful spin to his surroundings as he incorporates commonplace street elements into the artworks.


Burger King: Whopper Apartment

dinsdag, december 2nd, 2014

To launch Burger King’s delivery service in Spain, they created The Whopper Apartment. What would you do if you went to see an apartment for rent in the center of your city and instead of a kitchen, you find yourself staring at a Burger King?

Coppel: Sean Garnier

vrijdag, juni 13th, 2014

Coppel dressed Sean Garnier up as an old man and of course he showed his incredible ability in this World Cup themed movie.

Women Wear White Pants Stained With Menstrual Blood To Make Feminist Statement

woensdag, juni 11th, 2014

Tired of feeling ashamed and ostracized by society for going through their monthly menstrual cycle, a Spanish female performance group has made a public statement by wearing white pants covered in menstrual blood stains. The street performance titled “Sangre Menstrual”, literally translated as “menstrual blood” — is a protest against the “patriarchal systems” that oppress women during her menstruation. Being viewed as unclean since biblical times, the group aims to “reclaim the female body and free normal bodily functions from shame and judgement”. The performance has created “larger debates surrounding reproduction and the female body”, and has represented the “body as a political act of defiance”. Do you think this event serves its purpose, or is it just a rather repulsive demonstration?