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Burger King: Happy Halloween

dinsdag, november 1st, 2016

In New york a complete Burger King ‘dressed up’ as their competitor McDonald’s. Not in the normal McDonald’s look, but it was a real Halloween transformation. The Burger King was covered with a white sheet with eyeholes which looked like a real spoke. On the billboard stood the text “BOOOOOO! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers HAPPY HALLOWEEN”

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

vrijdag, maart 27th, 2015

An interactive street ad in Amsterdam by JCDecaux brings Samsung newest smartphone literally in the spotlight. An exclusive sneak preview of the Galaxy S6 Edge will appear for a few seconds by pushing the button.



Beagle Street Release The Pounds

donderdag, maart 26th, 2015

Life insurance firm Beagle Street has unleashed hundreds of £10 note origami beagles upon London in a bid to engage commuters with how it can “put money back into people’s pockets with cheaper life insurance policies”.

See The World Through a Child’s Eyes

donderdag, maart 19th, 2015

See the world through a child’s eyes, a funny, cute and clever street marketing campaign for the Museum of Childhood in London, created by Alan Wilson and the AMV BBDO agency.



Cancer Research: The Lump

donderdag, maart 12th, 2015

People are missing the first signs of cancer. Is it because they’re not paying enough attention? To find out, watch what happens in this British High street.

Red Cross: CANpaign

dinsdag, februari 24th, 2015

Red Cross has recently opened two medical clinics for those without social security. But how do you get the message of the new clinics across to people who do NOT read the news, posters or watch tv? We set out to find out!

The Red Cross CANpaign from Konstellation on Vimeo.

Nike: Giant Shoebox

donderdag, februari 19th, 2015

The city that never sleeps won’t sleep on this. Nike created a giant interactive shoebox at the corner of 348 Bowery and Great Jones Street, it was created for the NBA All-Star Weekend. It was modeled after the brand’s new ‘SNKRS’ app, which allows fans to customize and buy shoes with their smartphones.


Waarmakers: Goedzak

maandag, juli 21st, 2014


Amsterdam-based social impact design studio Waarmakers has proposed a simple solution to allow people to pass on their unwanted things that are still in good condition on to the next person. The idea is Goedzak, a transparent sack with clear labelling to indicate that someone else can take them. Goedzak, which means “do-gooder”, combines the Dutch words for “good” and “bag”. To use them, one simply has to leave their filled Goedzak bag on the street, keeping them clean and dry in the bag. People passing are allowed to take them if they see something in the transparent bag that they desire. The project aims to reduce the amount of trash and things people tend to toss out, and introduce a more benevolent method of providing items that other people might need or want.


Street Art: Tree concert

zondag, oktober 14th, 2012

With more than 400,000 trees, Berlin is arguably one of the greenest cities in all of Europe. Unfortunately, that number has started to shrink; more trees are felled than planted in a year’s time while existing trees are not always cared for properly. German conservation advocacy group BUND aims to help in the preservation of Berlin’s trees through a specially developed fundraiser street art concept.

New Media | Clothes Lines

donderdag, maart 22nd, 2012

“To promote the 32nd Fantastic Film Festival we took advantage of the traditional clothes line that are part of the Portugese urban landscape to invent a new media: The Clothes Lines Media.” Bron: Water Melon Monkey