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Veronica: Giel Beelen hacks 3FM

woensdag, oktober 11th, 2017

Radio DJ Giel Beelen, a Dutch Radio DJ @ Veronica launched his new morning show with a striking promotion stunt! He “hacked” a record played @ his former employer 3FM to advertise his new program.
The stunt was live during the morning program of Sander Hoogendoorn, which was broadcasted at the same time as Beelens new show on Radio Veronica.

S.O.S melting snowmen! #smeltbaar #meltable

woensdag, december 7th, 2016

Today, there were appearing very mysterious snowmen made of real snow in five different cities in the Netherlands. Very strange because it is still to warm for snow. All the snowmen were standing with a signboard with the text #smeltbaar (#meltable). From who came this message? Well, tomorrow we will tell you this secret.


Nothing But Hot Air

dinsdag, maart 24th, 2015

To promote Audi’s h-tron engine technology — in which only water vapor comes out of the exhaust of its electric cars — German agency Thjnk came up with the idea of “disappearing” billboards, projecting the message, and the image of the car, into nothing but steam. The outdoor stunt was carried out at night, in busy areas of large cities.

Ford Mustang: Speed Dating

dinsdag, februari 17th, 2015

To promote its new 2015 Ford Mustang, American automaker Ford recently organized a speed dating prank for a few unsuspecting guys, offering them a chance to date a woman who happens to be a professional stunt driver.

STOP AIDS NOW!: Huge Teddy Bear grieves in Amsterdam

dinsdag, december 3rd, 2013

Last Sunday December 1st was World Aids Day. At the end of spreading the 4.000 cuddly toys last week, a huge teddy bear appeared on the Museumplein two days ago. The teddy bear, grieving in front of a mass grave, symbolized all of the African children who died of hiv.



Billboard | Fan check machine

dinsdag, augustus 13th, 2013

Not every music fan reads Billboard Magazine, but every music fan has music on their phone. They created a magazine dispenser that gives away a free magazine if you prove you are a fan of the artist on the cover of Billboard Magazine. If you’re a fan of the artist on the cover, plug your iPhone into the Fan Check Machine and let it analyze your music library. If the machine finds more than 20 songs by the artist on the cover of Billboard, you get the magazine for free.

Heineken | Departure Roulette

vrijdag, juli 26th, 2013

Your itinerary’s fine, but Heineken believes a last minute change of plans is much more exciting. They found a few people at JFK Airport who’d agree to change travel plans without being able to change them again after playing the game. Would you play Departure Roulette?

S Oil | Here balloons

woensdag, juli 24th, 2013

S Oil did a great stunt by setting up a bright yellow balloon in each parking space. The balloon falls when a car parks in the space, and rises again when the car leaves. Drivers could see the colourful balloons from far away and spot empty spaces. Quick parking means saving time and saving oil. That means happier drivers and a healthier planet.

The Tundra Endeavour

woensdag, juni 26th, 2013

The Toyota Tundra is forced to take on a near-impossible task before embarking on an historic mission. Follow the journey:

Nike | Football anytime, anywhere

vrijdag, mei 24th, 2013

Nike came up with this great concept in Spain! Imagine not having a soccer field available and this truck shows up and projects you a field anywhere you want. Let’s just hope brands keep pulling off relevant stunts like this in the future.