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Father’s Day at Tesco

donderdag, juni 29th, 2017

To celebrate Father’s Day, Tesco gave it’s visitors the opportunity to surprise their dad in a hearthwarming way. During a reglar visit of the supermarket, pre-recorded message from their kids was played in the store. ┬áSimple but powerful!

Jumbo: A Bus Stop Supermarket

maandag, oktober 24th, 2016

Doing purchases while you are waiting on the bus? Well, it is possible until 25 Oktober. Jumbo, a Dutch supermarket, temporary transformed a bus stop in Utrecht in a real supermarket. In the ‘shelves’ stand the most populair daily products. People could scan the products with the Jumbo-app and ad it to their shopping basket. Afterwards, the purchases were delivered.


Transavia Airlines: Snack Holiday

donderdag, april 16th, 2015

Plane tickets so cheap you can buy them like a snack?

Carulla: Shutter Billboards

maandag, november 24th, 2014

Supermarkets Carulla needed to communicate in a different way and with a very limited budget, that several of their stores have 24 hour service. They found a unique medium to deliver this message. The closed night-time gates of several businesses were turned into billboards, telling that though those stores were already closed, people could find what they were looking for in a Carulla 24 Hours.

New media guerrilla I Subway Supermarket

dinsdag, september 11th, 2012

Tesco Homeplus, takes online shopping to a new level. Waiting for the subway has never been this efficient.