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T-Mobile: Share #Pink

vrijdag, augustus 1st, 2014

During Gay Pride in Amsterdam, the color pink is always fully represented. Logic, since pink is the color of love, friendship and joy. Above all, it is the color of freedom to share the best things in life with whoever you want. With that thought in mind, Red Urban and Etcetera have created #ROZE (#PINK) this week: a social movement to color the entire Dutch social media landscape pink.

T-mobile: Wifi Dogs

maandag, juni 23rd, 2014

We all have done absurd things to find Wi-Fi on a holiday: but you’ve never seen anything as crazy as Wi-Fi Dogs, a new Spanish business. Watch how José and his probably-too-good-to-be-true dogs lead tourists on improbable journeys in search of an internet connection. Despite their efforts, T-Mobile believes there’s a better way to spend your summer: looking for fun and not for Wi-Fi.

T-Mobile | Living Mupi

dinsdag, augustus 6th, 2013

T-Mobile wanted to know how to improve their T-Mobile Shops. So they asked this question to customers who just came out of the shop, in a kind of special way… Through a living Mupi! Only to prove their slogan “Customers have a lot to tell at T-Mobile”.

Charity Booth

maandag, februari 11th, 2013

Telecommunication company T-Mobile decided to turn old, abandoned phone booths into charity booths for the people in Hungary. On could recognize these charity booths by an outstanding pink colour and a heart-shaped logo on the side. While making an old-fashioned phone call with your spare change, you’re helping non-governmental charitable organizations. So far, the campaign has raised funds for charities to aid the blind in Hungary.

The T-Mobile Welcome Back

dinsdag, februari 5th, 2013

Though it’s a golden oldie, it’s still a good one! Watch arriving passengers be given a welcome home to remember at Heathrow Terminal 5.

Guerrilla Marketing | Angry Birds in space

woensdag, maart 28th, 2012

Al vele adverteerders gingen T-Mobile voor als het aankomt op een PR-stunt rondom de populaire game Angry Birds. Op 22 maart kwam de nieuwe editie van het spel uit, genaamd Angry Birds Space. T-Mobile kwam met een achteruitkijkstunt, die niet alleen doeltreffend was, maar ook qua setting klopte. The Space Needle in Seattle fungeerde voor even als de herkenbare katapult. In de katapult hing een angry bird, ready foor launch! 3, 2, 1…..