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Björn Borg: Tennis Across Borders

maandag, juli 17th, 2017

“Sport unites people” is what Björn Borg aims to tell through the brand’s newest activation, using a tennis net instead of a wall. The brand organized a tennis match exactly on the border of the US and Mexico. Half the court was placed on Mexican soil, and the other half was placed on US soil. This Tennis across Borders initiative manifests an open world. Play sports with your neighbours, instead of walls.

Sex sells tennis

zondag, april 2nd, 2017

A Dutch tennis club in Diemen launched a very interesting billboard campaign. With texts like “I love hard balls”, “I like to do it with four people”, “I still do it three times a week” and “I have my peak every tuesday evening”, the club tries to attract new members. Sex sells!

The most important question is: did these models knew what they were signing up for?

Tennis ad