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Sex sells tennis

zondag, april 2nd, 2017

A Dutch tennis club in Diemen launched a very interesting billboard campaign. With texts like “I love hard balls”, “I like to do it with four people”, “I still do it three times a week” and “I have my peak every tuesday evening”, the club tries to attract new members. Sex sells!

The most important question is: did these models knew what they were signing up for?

Tennis ad


Tele2: Vive La Internet

dinsdag, augustus 9th, 2016

Using the internet as if you are at home while celebrating your holiday. Streaming in you camper! Check out how Tele2 transformed a French village into a new piece of the Netherlands!

Postnl: A kiss is a stamp

woensdag, januari 13th, 2016

In the Netherlands everybody could send a free card to their loved ones with a kiss instead of a stamp.

Hans Brinker Hotel: Like

vrijdag, september 26th, 2014

Hans Brinker: Like us if you have any complaints

Hans Brinker Budget Hotel in Amsterdam is known as ‘the worst hotel in the world’. They advertise with the fact that they are the cheapest, the worst, the best, no swimming pool, no roomservice, no pick-up, no gym, no spa, no bridal-suite. The new stunt of the Brinker Hotel is to ask people to like their Facebook-page if you had an awful sleep, if you were treated bad, if the toilet could not flush… A nice and original way to get more likes!

T-Mobile: Share #Pink

vrijdag, augustus 1st, 2014

During Gay Pride in Amsterdam, the color pink is always fully represented. Logic, since pink is the color of love, friendship and joy. Above all, it is the color of freedom to share the best things in life with whoever you want. With that thought in mind, Red Urban and Etcetera have created #ROZE (#PINK) this week: a social movement to color the entire Dutch social media landscape pink.

Centraal Beheer Achmea: Self-driving car

donderdag, juli 31st, 2014

Centraal Beheer Achmea, the Dutch insurance company, known for its funny commercials, has e new ad running on TV. They explain about the self-driving car, while several accidents occur. “The self-driving car, we’re ready for it’.

Veronica: The Following

vrijdag, februari 21st, 2014

Dutch TV station Veronica pranked unsuspecting tram passengers with a creepy figure straight from the new TV series The Following.

Greenpeace: The Arctic Leisure Resort

woensdag, oktober 30th, 2013

While the Arctic ice continues to melt, new business opportunities are within reach. Not only for gas and oil companies, but also for tourism. If the global warming trend continues, we might be able to take the whole family on a trip to the North Pole someday.


Elsevier Nextens | Join the Cloud

dinsdag, september 10th, 2013

Thanks to Elsevier Nextens tax consultants are able to work in the cloud. They can work customer directed and way more efficient. State31 created this cool viral to introduce Elsevier Nextens to the big world…