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Shut the fans up

woensdag, mei 31st, 2017

Peru killed two birds with one stone: promoting the peruvian quisine and winning a football match. Sounds like a strange combination of activities, but in fact it’s not!

During a Peru – Uruguay football match, delicious Peruvian dishes were given to the Uruguayan fans. Peruu calls itself the best culinary destination in the world. This way, the Uruguayan fans got distracted by the food and didn’t cheer as much as the Peruvian fans did.

A dinner with the prime minister of Georgia

donderdag, maart 30th, 2017

Jesper Black traveled to Georgia for a wedding, ignorant of the experience that was waiting for him. Because he was the 6h million tourist of Georgia, he got a very special surprise: a dinner with the prime minister. The Georgans even got to vote for the dishes were on the menu.

Believe it or not, everything in this video is real. Until the moment that Jesper was told by the prime minister why he got this special treatment, he thought that it was a joke, organized by his friends. The only thing that’s questionable is Jesper being the exact 6th million tourist: it was calculated that the 6h million tourist was a passenger on the chosen plane, but it wasn’t sure which passenger it was exactly.

Jetblue: Jamaica Station

maandag, februari 6th, 2017

Changing trains at Jamaica Station is a rush-hour ritual for millions of Long Island Railroad commuters. This is how JetBlue surprises a few of them with a different kind of change.

Canary Islands: Canary’s fog taggers

donderdag, november 17th, 2016

To make the difference between the Canary Islands and Europe very obvious DEC BBDO and Brands choose the coldest and rainiest countries in Europe to spread one message. On a wet, grey day they wrote on windows of different forms of public transport sentences like “Right now, we’re on the beach” or “Do you miss the sun?” and all with the #CanaryIslands. See the campaign movie here.


Jaz: Built by Music

dinsdag, juli 5th, 2016

The Jaz Amsterdam hotel is all about music. After all, it’s right next to Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam’s biggest concert venue. They wanted to let everyone know – and turn its opening into a show. Good thing the crowd was there, waiting for Adele to play.

Quebec Original: Blind Tourist

dinsdag, mei 3rd, 2016

This blind American tourist was chosen to show the world just how beautiful Quebec is.

Old Irish: Virtual Journy to Irland

dinsdag, april 26th, 2016

Random people in Tbilisi (Georgia) were invited to discover Ireland in a special way…

Sweden: Phonenumber

maandag, april 11th, 2016

Sweden just became the first country in the world with its very own telephone number. “The Swedish Number,” which you can call at +46 771 793 336, connects callers from around the world with random Swedes who have signed up to be de facto ambassadors—but who’ve received no training whatsoever, and have been given no instructions about what to say.

Molenbeek: Found in Molenbeek

maandag, maart 14th, 2016

Molenbeek has had a rough year. The whole world suddenly knows where it is. And yet nobody wants to visit. Publicis Brussels felt sorry for their neighbours. Because despite all the problems, Molenbeek has many positive points and great places. To boost businesses and bring people back, they launched Found in Molenbeek: an online guide full of places to be. That way, they hope to shine a positive light on Molenbeek in 2016.

Found In Molenbeek from Publicis Brussels on Vimeo.

KLM: Layover with a Local

woensdag, maart 2nd, 2016

KLM’s new service “Layover with a Local” lets travellers waiting for their connecting flights at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol meet up with Amsterdam locals who enjoy meeting new people.