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Hornbach: #smeltbaar #meltable

donderdag, december 8th, 2016

If you read the blog yesterday, you know that today I am going to tell you a secret. Yesterday there were appearing very mysterious snowmen in five different cities in the Netherlands. Namely in The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Utrecht. People posted online many pictures of the snowmen with the #smeltbaar. They were very curious, because ‘How could it happen?’ and ‘From who came this message?’. Well, I know. The message came from Hornbach, because they wanted to spread already the winter feeling and promote their infusible snowman!

S.O.S melting snowmen! #smeltbaar #meltable

woensdag, december 7th, 2016

Today, there were appearing very mysterious snowmen made of real snow in five different cities in the Netherlands. Very strange because it is still to warm for snow. All the snowmen were standing with a signboard with the text #smeltbaar (#meltable). From who came this message? Well, tomorrow we will tell you this secret.


Snickers: Vending Machine

woensdag, december 7th, 2016

In the Netherlands 89% gladly share chocolate with someone else. In cooperation with Snickers, Raúl&Rigel helped them a little bit. Namely, they made a Vending Machine with Snicker, Mars and Twix bites. In the shopping mall Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht passers-by could record a message with who they want to share the bites! So, with who do you want to share your bites? #madeforsharing

Jumbo: A Bus Stop Supermarket

maandag, oktober 24th, 2016

Doing purchases while you are waiting on the bus? Well, it is possible until 25 Oktober. Jumbo, a Dutch supermarket, temporary transformed a bus stop in Utrecht in a real supermarket. In the ‘shelves’ stand the most populair daily products. People could scan the products with the Jumbo-app and ad it to their shopping basket. Afterwards, the purchases were delivered.


UWV: Spoken CV

woensdag, augustus 26th, 2015

50+ year old people are a difficult target group on the Dutch labor market. That’s why UWV and MKB Nederland started their campaign “Open for 50+”. As a part of this campaign, they did a small tour with Dutch singer, tv-, and radio- presenter Henk Westbroek. They went to Utrecht and Deventer with a “Mobile Recording Studio”, and invited six unemployed 50 year olds. On the spot, Henk Westbroek helped them with their own, personal “Spoken CV”.

Concept & Production Agency: Raúl&Rigel

Pop-Up BBQ | Making Off

dinsdag, juni 4th, 2013

Yesterday we told you about the pop-up BBQ we gave in a park in Utrecht. Here’s the making off!

Natuur & Milieu &R&R | Pop-Up BBQ

maandag, juni 3rd, 2013

While summer is approaching, NGO Natuur & Milieu ended it’s large scale promotion for meat substitutes. To celebrate this, we organised a pop-up BBQ for them in a park in Utrecht. 100 barbecues where grilling meat substitues, while blankets kept the people warm late into the night.


Raúl&Rigel for Natuur & Milieu: The Movie

zaterdag, april 13th, 2013

Our latest movie for Natuur & Milieu…

“Natuur&Milieu” hands out 2.000.000 vegetarian snacks

donderdag, april 11th, 2013

Non-profit organisation Nature & Environment (in Dutch “Natuur & Milieu) started a large scale promotion for meat substitutes yesterday. Raúl&Rigel produced the kick-off of this campaign: 4 grandmothers distributed vegetarian meatballs in a local Jumbo supermarket in Utrecht.

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