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Spa asked a photographer to make portraits using a drop of SPA as a lens

maandag, juni 19th, 2017

Robin de Puy is known for her pure photography. Her art consists of very pure portraits of people. Spa asked her for a project that combines art and technology in a very pure way: the Liquid Lens. The brand asked Robin to make a picture using a technique that has never been used before: using a drop of Spa water as a lens. The innivative company Etulipa helped her with this, using electrowetting technology.

The Drinkable Book

donderdag, mei 18th, 2017

The Non Profit organization WATERisLIFE always searches for ways to bring clean water to people. The organization now introduced The Drinkable Book. The pages in this book are a tool to kill waterborne bacteria. When a page of this book is used as a filter, drinkable water will come out.

Dominican Republic:

dinsdag, december 6th, 2016

To promote the vacation destination Dominican Republic, Raúl&Rigel transformed the canals of Amsterdam in a caribbean paradise. A Floating Billboard with Bachata dancers, water, sand, palmtrees, fish, fruit and a lot of happiness. Do you already know your next destination?

Page Moist Toiletpaper: Refreshing

maandag, augustus 29th, 2016

Page Moist Toiletpaper makes sure that beach guests keep their head cool with a playful refreshment campaign. With temperatures rising, visitors of popular seaside towns like Bloemendaal and Den Helder were surprised with a cool shower, offered by Page. The well-known toilet paper brand is giving attention to their moist toilet paper on a surprising way. After all, you don’t shower without water, so why wouldn’t you use water for buttocks wiping?

Bobble: Live for Once

donderdag, november 19th, 2015

Agency 72andSunny New York recently took over the account of eco-friendly cleaning, paper and personal care products company Seventh Generation, and its first ad for its water bottle brand Bobble is a hilarious send-up of millennials and their carefree attitude towards life.

Nothing But Hot Air

dinsdag, maart 24th, 2015

To promote Audi’s h-tron engine technology — in which only water vapor comes out of the exhaust of its electric cars — German agency Thjnk came up with the idea of “disappearing” billboards, projecting the message, and the image of the car, into nothing but steam. The outdoor stunt was carried out at night, in busy areas of large cities.

Jesus & His Marketing Team

woensdag, februari 25th, 2015

Jesus may have walked on water, but he apparently had a little help from Canada. In this new ad from Montreal’s 1one Production, the son of God hires a marketing team to help him work on his image.

UNICEF: Tap Project

woensdag, maart 19th, 2014

Mobile phone usage is increasing with every minute. It’s without a doubt that mobile phones have become a necessary tool that is used in our everyday lives. Although it is great for keeping up to date with friends and family, doing business and learning what’s going on in the world, it’s terrible for real-life interactions. Unicef hopes to change this with the Unicef Tap Project. This is a unique mobile website that discourages mobile phone users from touching their phones. For every 10 minutes you don’t touch your phone, sponsors of the Tap Project can provide one day of clean water for a child in need.

Contrex | One Efficient Way to Loose Weight

woensdag, maart 6th, 2013

Contrex shows again that slimming doesn’t have to be boring. All you need is some spinning bicycles, ladies, water… and of course a good looking guy!

UTEC | Billboard Generating Water

dinsdag, februari 26th, 2013

Lima, Peru is situated in a desert, it gets only about half an inch of rainfall per year. Yet the atmospheric humidity is around 98 percent. That’s why UTEC, one of Peru’s best Universities of engineering and technology, created a unique billboard that generates portable drinking water by getting moisture out of the humid air.