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Nike: Hello Internet Addicts

donderdag, december 15th, 2016

With this super simple campaign commercial Nike reflects how ridiculous online behavior can be. Do you have to run today?

Mountain Dew: Playable Pre-Rolls

woensdag, februari 17th, 2016

Mountain Dew creates playable Pre-rolls in Youtube.

LOL: Crazy Plastic Ball PRANK!!

dinsdag, januari 20th, 2015

American comedian Roman Atwood, known for his playful pranks on YouTube, has recently surprised his wife by transforming their house into a massive ball pit. While his wife was out running errands, Atwood, together with his children and friends, emptied thousands of plastic balls into the living room, kitchen and hallways of his house, turning it into a fun playing area.

Twerk FAIL

vrijdag, september 6th, 2013

Okay, this has nothing to do with guerrilla marketing, advertising, stunts, or whatever… But sometimes something is just so funny, you just wanna share the laughter!

Raúl&Rigel | New Showreel Raúl&Rigel

woensdag, mei 8th, 2013

May we present to you: our new Showreel

Dove’s Beauty Sketches: a deserved hit?

vrijdag, april 26th, 2013

Dove’s new viral is the biggest hit on YouTube apparently. When I first saw it, I found it a bit… too American. What do you all think? Does it deserve to be the new YouTube number 1?

Don’t Do This at Home | Gallon Smashing

dinsdag, maart 5th, 2013

After the Harlem Shake a new hit appeared on YouTube: Gallon Smashing. Random dudes walking around in a supermarket, pretending to fall, and hereby smashing a gallon of milk on the ground. Take a look here…

Emojis In A Real-Life Conversation

donderdag, februari 28th, 2013

YouTube user Molly Mulshine has created an entertaining video, in which she imagines emojis being used in a real-life conversation. Titled ‘Real Life Emojis’, the video features two girls planning a night out—mimicking emojis with their faces and mixing them into their conversation.

Guerrilla I High Five with McCain Chips

zondag, november 4th, 2012

Watch as people high five the McCain big hand found at bus shelters to get 50p off a pack of home chips. Nothing beats the feeling of Chips Tonight. Hi-Five if you’re having Chips Tonight!

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New Media I Let your body drive!

zaterdag, maart 10th, 2012

Volg niet je hart maar je lichaam… Een interactief youtube filmpje van Peugeot over een jongeman die in ontzettend “genante” situaties terechtkomt. Het is aan U om de juiste keuzes te maken. Een advies volgens Peugeot, laat je lichaam rijden!

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