Absolut Vodka has for years a collaboration with Tomorrowland 2022. To reinforce this collaboration and to give their target group the opportunity to go to Tomorrowland, Raúl&Rigel was asked to devise and produce an activation for this.

Two weeks before Tomorrowland was to start, we placed “the Absolut Tomorrowland Chance Floor” in the city center of Antwerp!

The complete setting consisted of a luminous dance floor, XXL Absolut Tomorrowland bottle of 5 meters high, DJ booth with light show and a registration desk. Passers-by could register at this digital counter and were given a wristband with a unique number. Once on the dance floor, they had to show their best dance moves while enjoying the wonderful beats of DJ Licious and DJ Jana Vitiligo, after which they had a chance to win Tomorrowland tickets! If your wristband number appeared on the screen after a 5 minute dance round, you were the lucky winner to go to Tomorrowland 2022 with a friend/family member!

Alexis Verschueren

Making brand experiences that stick!