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The water emergency affects 319 million people in the southern hemisphere, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, and causes the death of 2 million children under five. This is because the water is contaminated with bacteria and viruses, such as typhoid and cholera. Action Against Hunger, a global NGO committed to fighting the world’s hunger and thirst problems, has decided to launch a fundraising campaign to allocate new projects to purify water. But it did so using a totally different strategy than other NGOs: it decided to make the problem tangible, a problem far removed from the everyday lives of donors. It decided to make the problem tangible, a problem far removed from the daily lives of donors, by bottling the contaminated water and creating the Water of Africa brand. A tangible product, to touch the problem at first hand. Thousands of bottles of dirty water, whose label instead of showing all its qualities, as other brands do, shows all the diseases contained in the polluted water.
After creating the brand, Action Against Hunger launched it with a clear call to action: donate to make the water drunk by 319 million people the least consumed in the world. Water of Africa was launched in shops, museums, e-commerce, food app delivery, restaurants, and advertised in the press, with product placement, on social networks by influencers, with sponsorship of sporting events, and above all was promoted by the testimonials who have launched other water brands in Italy, such as Carlo Cracco. The campaign crossed the Italian borders and reached the European Parliament with President Sassoli who, together with other MEPs, launched an appeal to stop the water emergency and make Water of Africa the least drunk water in the world.

Alexis Verschueren

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