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Africa for Norway: buy the charity single NOW!

By January 7, 2013 No Comments

If you would only see the above video about Norway, and this would be the only information you ever got about the Scandinavian country. What would you think about Norway?

The same goes or Africa: what do you think about? Hunger, poverty, crime or AIDS? No wonder, because in fundraising campaigns and media that’s mainly what you hear about.

The aim of the “Africa for Norway” video – similar to the famous “We are the world”, is to show that there are many positive developments in African countries. Though hunger and poverty is still existent and calls for action, these images only engage people in the short term. Many people seem to give up because it seems like nothing is getting better. Africa should not just be something that people either give to, or give up on. The video was developed and produced by SAIH, the Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund.

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