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Clean Sponsorship: Whirlpool’s Innovative Campaign Cleans Up Brazilian Football Jerseys

Economic pressures have forced Brazilian football clubs to clutter their jerseys with various brand logos, turning their iconic mantles into billboards. But in a bold and refreshing move, Whirlpool introduced the “Clean Sponsorship” campaign to promote their washing machines and celebrate the centenary of Juventus da Mooca. This unique sponsorship didn’t add more logos—it removed them.

The Concept: Clean and Simple

Whirlpool’s “Clean Sponsorship” campaign was designed to highlight the power and efficiency of their washing machines by cleaning up the jerseys of Juventus da Mooca, one of Brazil’s beloved football clubs. In the year of the club’s 100th anniversary, Whirlpool sponsored Juventus da Mooca not by adding another logo, but by removing all existing ones, restoring the jerseys to their original, pristine state.

A Powerful Message

This campaign sent a powerful message about simplicity and tradition. It showcased the effectiveness of Whirlpool washing machines while honoring the history and legacy of Juventus da Mooca. By cleaning up the cluttered jerseys, Whirlpool provided a visual metaphor for their product’s capability to remove even the toughest stains.

Execution and Impact

Throughout the centenary year, Juventus da Mooca players donned the clean, logo-free jerseys, creating a striking and memorable image on the field. The campaign garnered widespread attention and admiration from fans and the media alike, highlighting Whirlpool’s innovative approach to sponsorship and marketing.

Celebrating Heritage

Whirlpool’s “Clean Sponsorship” not only promoted their washing machines but also celebrated the heritage of Brazilian football. By restoring the classic look of the jerseys, Whirlpool paid homage to the club’s rich history and strengthened the bond between the team and its supporters.


Whirlpool’s “Clean Sponsorship” campaign was a masterstroke in marketing and brand alignment. It cleverly promoted their product while addressing a common issue faced by Brazilian football clubs. This innovative approach not only cleaned up the jerseys of Juventus da Mooca but also left a lasting impression on fans and the broader community. In the crowded world of sports sponsorship, sometimes less truly is more.

Alexis Verschueren

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