Fiat is embarking on a colorful revolution, bidding farewell to grey and embracing the joyful and vibrant spirit that represents Italy and its rich cultural heritage. In a bold move, Fiat has decided to stop using grey for all its cars, setting a new trend in the automotive industry.

To celebrate this revolutionary decision, Fiat partnered with the renowned creative agency Leo Burnett to conceive an activation that would capture the essence of this colorful transformation. The star of this spectacular event was none other than Olivier Francois, the visionary CEO of Fiat and the global chief marketing officer of Stellantis.

Imagine this: a grey Fiat 600, driven by Olivier Francois himself, suspended 15 meters high in the picturesque village of Lerici, located in the enchanting Liguria region. As the crowd eagerly watched, the car was slowly lowered into an enormous container filled to the brim with vibrant orange paint. In that moment, the original grey vanished, symbolizing Fiat’s departure from monotony and their embrace of vivid hues.

This captivating stunt symbolized the CEO’s plunge into a world of color, extending an invitation to everyone to discover Fiat’s new and exciting vision. The campaign proudly carries the banner “ITALIA. LA TERRA DEI COLORI. FIAT. IL MARCHIO DEI COLORI.” (ITALY. LAND OF COLOR. FIAT. BRAND OF COLORS.), capturing the essence of Italian spirit and Fiat’s dedication to vibrant self-expression.

Alexis Verschueren

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