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Glenfiddich – Taste the Future

The world of whisky is steeped in tradition, with brands like Glenfiddich maturing their whiskies for decades to achieve their distinctive flavors. However, in an era of rapid technological advancement and shifting societal values, it’s essential to envision what the future holds. Glenfiddich, in collaboration with Fitzroy Amsterdam and textile studio BYBORRE, embarked on a creative journey to explore the intersection of fashion and whisky, presenting visionary clothing concepts inspired by the aging periods of their iconic whiskies.

Fashion as a Glimpse into the Future:

Fashion has always been at the forefront of trends, serving as a catalyst for cultural shifts and visionary ideas. The collaboration between Glenfiddich, Fitzroy Amsterdam, and BYBORE aimed to capture the essence of future fashion trends, from the upcoming seasons to more radical and forward-thinking concepts. The three clothing concepts designed were inspired by the aging periods of Glenfiddich 12, 18, and 30 year old whiskies, each bearing the name of the year the whisky would be served.

A Leap into the Future:

With each leap into the future, the clothing concepts envisioned a world where fashion becomes increasingly digital, sustainability takes center stage, and comfort is paramount. The designers at Fitzroy Amsterdam and BYBORE explored the possibilities of future textiles and manufacturing processes, anticipating international regulations that mandate fully recyclable clothing made predominantly from reused fibers.

Unveiling at Prominent Events:

The innovative clothing concepts made their debut at the prestigious Design Week in Milan, where industry professionals and enthusiasts alike were captivated by the fusion of fashion and whisky. The official launch took place at the NXT MUSEUM in Amsterdam, immersing attendees in a sensory experience that transported them to the future of fashion.

Limited Edition Release:

One of the standout pieces from the collection was the mid-layer jacket designed for the year 2041. Its popularity led to the decision to release a limited edition of 300 pieces. These exclusive garments will soon be available for pre-order through taste-the-future.nl, giving fashion-forward individuals the opportunity to own a piece of the future.

Alexis Verschueren

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