According the Maya’s the world would end on 21-12-2012. There was only one save haven in Europe and that is “Le Pic de Bugarach” in Bugarach in the South of France. The story says that on the 21-12-2012, UFO’s will rise out of the mountain and pick up all people on the mountain before the world ends. Bugarach was severely blocked by police with road blocks, so nobody could enter the Bugarach region during a whole week. The only people allowed to enter the village were journalists. Police was afraid that thousands of people would come to the mountain to celebrate the end of the world. Raúl&Rigel managed to pass those police road blocks and climbed “Le pic de Bugarach” in the night. Raúl&Rigel makes the impossible possible, at the top we let UFO’s come out of the mountain by throwing UFO’s (Led Frisbees) towards Bugarach Village where international press was waiting for something to happen…

Special thanks to Nico Dijkshoorn from Dijkshoorn-Pijnacker for the Flashlight Frisbees and the Frisbee training (

Alexis Verschueren

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