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Honest Eggs Co.’s – FitChix: The Revolutionary Egg that Exposes the Truth Behind ‘Free Range’

In Australia, ‘free range’ eggs dominate the market, accounting for 47% of total retail sales. Consumers often opt for these eggs, believing they are making an ethical choice. However, what many fail to realize is that the ‘free range’ label is sometimes used by large egg farms housing thousands of chickens per hectare. Honest Eggs Co., a small-scale farm with a commitment to ecological practices, struggled to differentiate itself from these misleading labels. That’s when VMLY&R, in collaboration with Airbag, came up with an ingenious solution – FitChix, the world’s first chicken fitness tracker. This blog post explores how FitChix transformed the egg industry and empowered consumers to make more sustainable choices.

Honest Eggs Co. decided to tackle the issue of misleading labels head-on. By partnering with VMLY&R and Airbag, they developed FitChix, a chicken-friendly, ergonomic fitness tracker. FitChix enabled Honest Eggs Co. to monitor the vital signs of its chickens while not interfering with their day-to-day activities. This groundbreaking technology allowed the company to demonstrate its commitment to ethical farming practices, paving the way for transparency in the industry.

FitChix provided Honest Eggs Co. with a unique marketing opportunity. By printing the step counts of the chickens on the eggs, consumers could now directly see the conditions in which the eggs were produced. This move not only transformed their core product but also exposed the misleading practices of other egg brands on supermarket shelves.

To create awareness and boost sales, Honest Eggs Co. and VMLY&R launched an integrated campaign across various platforms, including social media, site-specific OOH (out-of-home) advertising, and earned PR. They also made the FitChix technology open source, enabling other honest egg farmers worldwide to adopt it.

The FitChix campaign completely revolutionized the way people thought about eggs, empowering consumers to make more sustainable choices. The results were remarkable:

+493% increase in online conversations within the first two months of the campaign going live.
38 million earned PR reach, connecting with over 148% of the Australian population.
Purchase orders from existing stockists increased by 40% within the first three weeks, matching available supply.
A 25% increase in sales revenue.
+222% increase in new stockist applications, demonstrating strong engagement with retailers.
Future Opportunities:

The success of FitChix didn’t go unnoticed. One of Australia’s largest supermarkets reached out to Honest Eggs Co., expressing interest in collaborating on sustainable and regenerative farming initiatives. This partnership showcases the potential for Honest Eggs Co. to spearhead a broader range of ethical products, further propelling their business forward.

FitChix has not only exposed the truth behind misleading ‘free range’ labels but also revolutionized the egg industry. Through the use of innovative technology, Honest Eggs Co. has empowered consumers to make more sustainable choices. The campaign’s outstanding success in driving awareness, boosting sales, and engaging with retailers highlights the potential for positive change in the food industry. FitChix serves as a shining example of how transparency and ethical practices can transform businesses and shape consumer behavior for a more sustainable future.

Alexis Verschueren

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