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KIA – Sweet2Annie1

Kia Motors reaches billions of people worldwide through sports sponsorship. But the car brand is less popular with young people. That is why Kia sponsors the professional matches of the League of Legends (LOL). This e-sport (online game) is played monthly by over 100 million people and attracts hundreds of thousands of young viewers per game. Besides the presence during LOL tournaments, Kia did little with the sponsorship, the brand did not have a substantial position in the world of these online gamers. Kia wanted to change that by campaigning during the European Championship in Ahoy Rotterdam. The goal: to reach the top 3 of the most watched streams of that championship during the final weekend with Kia’s channel on Twitch (= the most important video site for LOL players and viewers). There were no commercial targets, except for 50 free admission tickets. Underlying the smart strategy was the clear observation that there is a lot of negativity in the LOL community; the atmosphere in the chat is very negative, insult is the most important form of communication. Kia tackled that negativity in a playful way by introducing the “worst but also nicest LOL player” ever: Sweet2Annie1. Greatly chosen name by XXS Amsterdam, and a very nice campaign, which continued well with the brand values ​​of ‘surprise’ and ‘cheerfulness’ that Kia stands for (pay off: The power to surprise).

Kia – Sweet2Annie1 from XXS on Vimeo.

Alexis Verschueren

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