Netflix Sex Education: The F***ing Car

Celebrating ‘Sex Education’ Season 4 with a Viral Guerrilla Marketing Stunt

To celebrate the release of “Sex Education” Season 4, Netflix executed a bold and eye-catching marketing stunt that quickly became a viral sensation. Leveraging Argentina’s Students Day and Spring Day—known for their lively outdoor celebrations Netflix strategically deployed a branded car on the streets. The car’s suggestive shaking grabbed the attention of passersby, generating massive buzz and organic views across global platforms.

The campaign didn’t stop there. Using CGI, Netflix extended the stunt to Buenos Aires’ iconic Obelisco, transforming it into a giant condom featuring the “Sex Education” branding. This unconventional and memorable approach not only captivated audiences but also garnered extensive earned media, solidifying “Sex Education’s” cultural impact.

Brand: Netflix
Agency: Mediamonks

Alexis Verschueren

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