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Old Spice’s Fake Websites Rank Among The Brand’s Funniest Advertising

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In the world of online viral ad campaigns Old Spice is king. It has consistently made funny, interesting and interactive videos. The original ads were hilarious, but the interactive Old Spice Muscle Music Vimeo commercial was nothing short of genius. Now, the men’s fragrance brand managed to top that. Enter its Internetervention spoof websites and subsequent videos. There are nine fake websites in total, each amusing in their own right. One advertises a gold Bluetooth headset, one a cologne with real protein in it, another 100 per cent black leather sheets. Try to buy any of the items, or click for more information anywhere on the site and the Old Spice Guy appears in a truly funny video. There are nine websites in total, so nine brilliant clips.

1. Looking to squeeze your fat into a muscular physique? Then check out
muscle old spice

2. This is a site for Executive Spray Tan Parties,, complete with a bonus autoplay video:
tanning old spice

3. If you’re already jacked and want to just live in the gym, literally. Then head over to
condo old spice

4. For those who want only the finest, most luxurious headset, there is
gold old spice

5. There is for those who want to both smell great and spray protein directly into their bloodstream:
protein old spice

6. The American government doesn’t want men to realize their true neck potential. That’s the idea behind
neck old spice

7. If the ladies haven’t been flocking to your bed, it might be because you need some leather sheets from
leather old spice

8. For those in need of a quick tribal band tattoo, has a special offer:
tattoo old spice

9. And last but not least, there is for the soul patch aficionado looking to spice up his facial hair:
soul patch old spice

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