During Amsterdam Dance Event, Amsterdam is a city of non-stop parties. This year Samsung orchestrated a one-of-a-kind event: the first-ever Sleep Rave. It invited young partygoers, millennials or Gen-Zers, to explore the connection between dance music and improvement in their sleep, all while wearing Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 to monitor their rest.

The music was provided by DJs Mr. Belt and Wenzol, in collaboration with neuroscientist and sleep expert Dr. Els van der Helm. The Galaxy Watch6, a powerful Samsung smartwatch, does more than just count steps. It tracks heart rate, stress levels, and sleep quality, while the Samsung Health App offers personal sleep coaching and valuable tips.

In a unique partnership, DJs crafted an eight-hour set tailored for a more restful night, a departure from their usual energetic tunes. The special sleep-enhancing track produced for this event will be released on October 29th, coinciding with the end of daylight saving time. The Samsung Sleep Rave was the only Amsterdam Dance Event where attendees left fully refreshed and revitalized, defying convention. It marked a revolution in partying.

Alexis Verschueren

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