Super Extra – Rice of glory

Ecuador’s Super Extra Rice Turns the Ordinary into Extraordinary with Prize-Winning Campaign

In Ecuador, rice is more than just a staple—it’s a way of life. With an astounding per capita consumption of 50 kilos per year, Ecuador leads Latin America in rice consumption. Annually, around 1.5 million tons of rice are harvested, leading to fierce competition among over 20 brands vying for consumer attention. But in a sea of white grains, how does one brand stand out? Super Extra Rice, Ecuador’s #1 brand, came up with an ingenious solution to stay on top.

A Prize-Winning Grain of Rice? Believe It or Not!

Super Extra Rice launched an audacious campaign by hiding 20 incredible prizes inside 20 grains of rice. Yes, you read that right. Each winning grain was meticulously hand-painted with non-toxic vegetable ink by renowned Sri Lankan micro-artist Dayananda. The prizes include cruises, airline tickets, smartphones, trips to the Galapagos, laptops, TVs, and smartwatches.

Innovative Packaging for Maximum Impact

These special grains were hidden in over 300,000 redesigned black packages of Arroz Super Extra, ensuring that customers couldn’t sneak a peek inside. This unique approach not only heightened the excitement but also transformed the mundane task of buying rice into a thrilling treasure hunt.

A Campaign with a Twist of Humor

The TV campaign, characterized by a tone of acid humor, features a series of vignettes showcasing the lengths people will go to for a single grain of rice. The campaign is further amplified by billboards and engaging social media content featuring influencers, creating a buzz across multiple platforms.

A Modern-Day Golden Ticket

Dubbed “The Rice of Glory,” this campaign is a playful nod to Willy Wonka’s golden ticket, bringing a disruptive and exciting experience to an everyday product. It invites Ecuadorians to view Super Extra Rice with fresh eyes, turning a simple grain into a symbol of excitement and possibility.


Super Extra Rice’s innovative campaign has redefined how consumers perceive an everyday product, blending humor, excitement, and creativity. By transforming rice shopping into a thrilling adventure, Super Extra has not only maintained its top position but also set a new standard for marketing in the food industry. This campaign reminds us that with a bit of imagination, even the most ordinary items can become extraordinary.

Brand: Super Extra
Agency: Grey

Alexis Verschueren

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