Volkswagen: Side Assist

Changing lanes is one of the biggest causes of accidents on Germany’s roads. Therefore Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles invented „Side Assist“, which shows dangers in the driver’s blind spot via signals in the wing mirrors. This way, with just one look, the driver is able to recognise any danger behind or alongside the car. Volkswagen wanted to communicate this feature to commercial vehicle drivers in particular, as this can be a lifesaver. Because the bigger the vehicle, the bigger the blind spot.

To both advertise and explain Volkswagen’s “Side Assist” at the same time, Volkswagen demonstrated a simplified functionality of the system itself using a unique and surprising touchpoint: a simple flyer, attached to the wing mirror itself, allowed our target audience to experience better visibilty of dangerous situations with the very first advertisement that, just like the “Side Assist”, shows dangers in the mirror and lets drivers see more.


Alexis Verschueren

Making brand experiences that stick!