Volvo – Volts by Volvo

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Research shows that those who drive electrically do not always think about the origin of the electricity used to charge the car. 56% of hybrid and electric drivers do not use green energy to charge their car or do not know where the energy comes from. This is remarkable, because 91% of those drivers also indicate that they have chosen a hybrid or electric model just because of the benefits for the environment.

Volvo and FamousGrey want to eliminate this contradiction with Volts by Volvo, a green energy contract for home that allows everyone to charge their car and prepare for truly green driving. Volts by Volvo therefore wants to encourage drivers of electric and plug-in hybrid cars to charge their cars without impacting the environment. Even those who do not have a Volvo or electric / plug-in hybrid car can sign up for the Volts by Volvo subscription.

Alexis Verschueren

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