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Whirlpool Maxispace – La Vaisselle

By October 16, 2023 No Comments

Whirlpool has always been synonymous with innovation, but they’ve taken it to a whole new level with the launch of their Maxispace dishwasher. In a move that left the culinary world both surprised and impressed, Whirlpool presented a dining experience like no other.

Hosted at the historic Castle Belvedere in Belgium, Whirlpool set up a unique pop-up restaurant named “La Vaisselle” (which translates to ‘the dishwasher’ in French). What set this event apart? Every dish that graced the table wasn’t just cleaned by the Maxispace dishwasher – it was cooked by it.

Social media influencers were treated to an array of dishes crafted entirely by this groundbreaking appliance. The online world was soon flooded with engaging content, showcasing the true potential of the Maxispace dishwasher.

Whirlpool’s innovative culinary event was not just a feast for the attendees but also a masterstroke in PR. By turning an everyday appliance into a star chef for the day, they not only generated significant buzz but also etched the capabilities of their Maxispace dishwasher into the minds of many. Truly, a memorable showcase of where technology meets gastronomy!

Alexis Verschueren

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