“World’s Largest Sustainable Billboard” created in the French Alps to combat microplastics!

In an innovative blend of art, environmental awareness, and cartography, a Dutch newcomer in sustainable oral care, Smyle, has collaborated with renowned snow artist Simon Beck to create what is being heralded as the world’s largest and most sustainable billboard. This monumental piece is not just a bid for a world record but also a crucial societal call to action against microplastics and plastic packaging.

Located in the picturesque French Alps near Les Arcs, the artwork spans an impressive 13,625 square meters, brought to life over two days using Beck’s 135,000 footsteps across a frozen snow-covered lake. The message embedded in this vast snow canvas emphasizes the urgency of choosing plastic-free options in oral care, echoing the company’s slogan, “These are the only footprints we want to leave behind. No plastic. No pollution. Crush, Brush, Smyle.”

Simon Beck

Simon Beck, who crafted this artwork right in his hometown, is well-known for his intricate snow patterns and his commitment to minimal environmental impact. “The idea that my art is temporary pleases me,” Beck shares in a mini-documentary available online, highlighting the transient nature of his creations—lasting only until the next snowfall covers them.

A Sustainable Future Powered by Innovation and Creativity

This collaboration between Beck and the Dutch company Smyle extends beyond setting records. It serves as a compelling call to action for both consumers and businesses to reconsider their ecological footprints. The project utilizes the natural snow of the French Alps to spark a global conversation about the impact of plastic on both humanity and nature.

The company hopes to inspire consumers and businesses alike to make conscious choices that favor sustainability. With each footprint in the snow, they deliver a message of responsibility and innovation—proving that big changes can indeed start with small, thoughtful steps.

World’s Largest Sustanaible Billboard, the story behind.


Klant: Smyle: Almar Fernhout, Roger Nefkens, Dennis Kamst
Creative Agency: Fitzroy
Pre-production Agency: Raúl&Rigel
Dop & Editor: Renzo Merbis
Regisseur: Mischa Schreuder
Audio postproduction: SUPER-SONIC
Press Agency: Mediastorm

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