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Xbox’s Innovative Move with “Football Manager 24” Scores Big for Bromley FC

In the world of modern football, a few wealthy clubs dominate, hiring expansive teams of coaches and analysts to maintain their edge. This leaves smaller clubs struggling to compete for talent and resources. To level the playing field, Xbox took a groundbreaking approach for the launch of “Football Manager 24,” the latest edition of the most realistic soccer management simulation game. They decided to help Bromley FC, a small but ambitious club, find its next tactical genius from an unconventional talent pool: gamers.

The Revolutionary Recruitment Drive

The announcement turned heads globally, and applications poured in from aspiring tacticians around the world. Among them was Nathan Owolabi, a dedicated “Football Manager” enthusiast. Nathan’s proficiency in the game had honed his data analysis skills, making him an ideal candidate to transfer virtual strategies into real-world success.

Gamer Turned Coach: A Real-Life Success Story

Nathan’s role at Bromley FC involved developing formations, crafting new strategies, and uncovering opposition weaknesses—skills he perfected through countless hours on “Football Manager.” His innovative approach and data-driven tactics quickly paid off. The story of this unprecedented experiment was captured in a documentary series on TNT Sports, the U.K.’s premier sports broadcaster.

The Impact: From the Virtual Pitch to Real Glory

With Nathan’s expertise, Bromley FC experienced their best season ever, culminating in a historic promotion to League Two for the first time in their 132-year history. This achievement underscored the potential of merging gaming expertise with traditional sports management.

A Win-Win for Xbox and Football Fans

The success of this initiative didn’t just benefit Bromley FC. Xbox saw a significant uptick in gamers playing “Football Manager” on their consoles, and “Football Manager 24” became the most played edition in the franchise’s history. This clever strategy not only boosted the game’s popularity but also showcased the untapped potential of gamers in the sports industry.


Xbox’s innovative campaign for “Football Manager 24” has proven that talent can come from the most unexpected places. By bridging the gap between virtual and real-world football, they’ve not only transformed the fortunes of Bromley FC but also set a precedent for the future of football management. This is a prime example of how unconventional thinking can lead to extraordinary outcomes, both on and off the pitch.

CLIENT: Microsoft/Xbox
AGENCY: McCann London

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