Super-Pharm: Documentary

Israeli agency BBR Saatchi & Saatchi has created an offbeat short documentary to promote the Super-Pharm ‘Life M6’ razorblades. The three-minute online film features 44-year-old Amit, aka ‘Mook’, who has had his beard for 14 years. Amit boldly decides to shave off his beard before revealing his ‘new’ face to shocked family members. With the ‘Life M6’ competing against heavyweight brands such as Gilette, BBR’s Eva Hasson explained on Adweek that a conventional approach would have been ineffective. “We were offering to shoot a documentary, which is not your regular advertising format where things are scripted. This format is a lot riskier, and we warned our client that we may ultimately go through all the motions and end up with nothing. Truth be told, we actually shot three documentaries—only one worked out. This was a gutsy decision by the client, who rolled with us, and so far, the movie has garnered over 430,000 views in under a week.”

Alexis Verschueren

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