Volvo – The Slow Down Cake

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Figures from Responsible Young Drivers show that 87% of Belgians drive more carefully when transporting food. The first day of school is the ideal day to drive extra carefully. That is why the CEO of Volvo Car Belux Wim Maes handed out cakes en masse, and this by Jeroen Meus. With this fun promotion, Volvo Cars is sending a serious message and wants to make all drivers aware of driving for the rest of the school year as if they had a cake on board. The Slow Down Cake is a fragile cake with a wafer-thin shortcrust pastry bottom. The crumble on the side is just as sensitive and the ganache monté on top of the cake also collapses at high speed. The cake is finished with fragile chocolate slices. The filling of the pie, a compote of cranberries, refers to the Swedish character of Volvo. A delicious cake that can completely smear your car if you don’t drive carefully and / or too fast.

Alexis Verschueren

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