Beer is booming, and breweries keep on thinking of new ways to make their beer more unique. They often do this by adding special ingredients or by taking a closer look at the brewing process. Budweiser does this in the most original and maybe even bizarre way possible: by experimenting with a microgravity brewery. Why? To make drinking and brewing beer on Mars possible, ofcourse! Because, why not? This looks like a smart PR-stunt, but a spokesman of Budweiser tells that it is a serious attempt to make a special Mars Bud.

You can imagine that it is quite hard to produce a drink with carbonation without gravity, but the company wants to focus on what is possible, instead of what is impossible. The company aims to make sure that Budweiser will be the beer that w’e’ll drink when the mars colonization has began. This way, Budweiser tries to make living on Mars a little more fun.

Budweiser on mars

Alexis Verschueren

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