Guerrilla Stunts

Guerrilla Ad | Axe or Playboy?

Eigenlijk moest wij allemaal heel hard lachen toen we deze spot zagen.. Maar er zijn ook mensen die hier anders over denken…

‘Terrible things about this spot:

—Nothing creepy to women about a complete stranger stopping the elevator.
—Two strangers in an elevator ad scenario—NEVER SEEN BEFORE.
—”Her twin sister’s twin sister”—see, we PUSHED the idea further.
—”21-23 year-old GIRLS”
—”She sneezes hotdogs”—I shit shower gel ideas, would you idiots like one?
—The guy’s face. I just hate it. Looks like a jerkoff.
—”We gotta cram Hef in the spot, somehow.”


Alexis Verschueren

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