Our impact on environmental protection begins with our knowledge. In some of the countries it’s still not obvious what to do to prevent climate change and what to do to reduce the carbon footprint. In Poland 79.9% of energy is still produced using coal, so there’s a lot of education that needs to take place on climate change and the direct impact of energy sources on the environment. The country has also the most polluted air in Europe but there is zero education in schools about this important issue. Polish children have been protesting demanding to learn about the environment, but the Minister of Education statement was that “There is no need for lessons in schools on climate change”.

So LEGO created an alternative way for children to educate themselves about climate change based on the rebuilding existing LEGO sets. LEGO introduced new additional instructions which turned planes into electric trains, cars into bicycles or scooters, and coal mines into electricity generating windmills. New ‘Green Instructions’ were made for many of LEGOs popular existing sets, all to demonstrate how people can reduce the impact on our environment.

And when the global lockdown began, LEGO created online video lessons to help teachers in schools across the country educate thousands of children using our new Instructions, about the important subject of climate change. Despite government resistance to introducing this type of education in schools, 723 schools discovered and downloaded them, creating widespread climate control education for the first time in Polish history.

Alexis Verschueren

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