ActionAid – Most Expensive pizza in the world

By November 22, 2021 No Comments

After the success of last year’s campaign ActionAid, an independent international organization committed to fighting the causes of poverty and social exclusion, has involved Caffeina, Digital Native Agency, to launch #Call4Margherita – the most expensive pizza in the world. It would involve a campaign exposing and protesting against the funds promised but never allocated in our country and the world but necessary to combat violence against women. The idea for the campaign was inspired by the true story of a woman who, to save her life from a violent partner, called the police pretending to order a pizza. In the 2021 edition, ActionAid, together with Caffeina, wanted to emphasize the lack of millions of euros in funding. If pizza today is no longer just a favorite food in the world but a tool to save your life, it means that it is worth much more: it is worth the funds that governments around the world should provide to combat violence against women. Thus was born the most expensive pizza in the world: #Call4MArgherita.

Alexis Verschueren

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