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Hersheys let’s you eat the internet

By April 16, 2017 No Comments

The most annoying thing about the internet? The fact that it often shows food on the most beautiful pictures, but you can’t eat it. Everyone recognizes the problematic hungry feeling that you get when you visit a website, or scroll through Instagram, and you get bombed by amazing food pics.¬†Hershey’s Brazil decided to change this. The brand has built a website made of chocolate: #eaternet.

The goal of the brand was to reach young people. And where can you find young people? On the internet, of course. Because youg people “consume” the internet.

This website was filled with items made of chocolate, like a chocolate mustache, chocolate french fries and even a chocolate poop emoji. Some chocolate items had fun throwback internet-references, like a chocolate raincloud that referred to Tay Zonday’s Youtube hit. Buyers of Hershey’s products could find a code on the wrapper. They could use this code to get a chance to win their favorite chocolate item. The prize, made completely of 1,5 kilo of chocolate was delivered to the winner’s house.

Alexis Verschueren

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