Monkey 47 Experimentum 2y04 – The secret bitterballen factory

It’s probable one of the best kept secrets in Amsterdam: snackbar ‘t Aapje. Every day, the hunt for the most unconventional flavors starts again, resulting in the most delicate snacks you can find all over the country. What’s even more a secret is the hidden Bitterballen Factory behind the snack wall of Snackbar ‘t Aapje where a nutty professor (friend of Alexander Stein, founder of Black Forest Distillers (Monkey 47) makes the best bitterballen of the World. The perfect place to introduce Monkey 47 Experimentum Series 2y04: Amsterdam (an exclusive gin with bitterballen extraction and mustard seeds) to bartenders , press and Monkey 47 fans.

Alexis Verschueren

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