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The worst nightmare of a comedian

When you go out to see a comedy show, you prepare for a night of laughter. You’re looking forward to laugh till your face almost hurts and the tears will run over your face. Laughter is the biggest compliment for a comedian: it’s what makes his or hers job worth the effort.
So what is the worst nightmare of a comedian? An evening without laughter. Telling jokes without getting a reaction from the audience.

That is exactly what happened to the Dutch comedian Ronald Snijders. On an evening in the Goudse Schouwburg his jokes didn’t get the reaction he’d hoped for. Just silence. A weird and very umcomfortable evening. When one of the people in the audience grabbed the microphone, everything became clear. The audience consisted of people with the muscular disease FSHD, which makes facial muscles dissapear.

Alexis Verschueren

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