Orangina: Shake Things Up

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Sweating the night shift on a big advertising pitch? Working late on a financial deal? Pulling an all night-er at the conveyor belt or fixing that late night server crash? From May 15th onwards Orangina was shaking up the lives of hard working Croatians with its ‘Shake Things Up’ campaign. For three weeks, Croatians all over the country were able to order some hilarious surprise acts. This ‘Shake Up’ aims to brighten up the day of Croatian employees, who are working day in day out in offices, factories and stores across the country, servicing their bosses and clients to the best of their abilities. With the launch of the Orangina ‘Shake Up’, Orangina wanted to encourage these hard working people to keep up the good work by rewarding them with some quirky and fun acts during their workday.

Alexis Verschueren

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