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By June 25, 2019 No Comments

Bikes are one of the highest taxed products in Brazil. Over 70% of a bike’s price is comprised of taxes. For comparison, cars are taxed at 30%. Furniture prices at 12%. That fact doesn’t get enough attention nor outrage between Brazilians for one reason: they just don’t know it.

To communicate that amongst the bike consumers, Bicycling Magazine decided to break the law. The Outlaw Bike, a bike that pretends to be furniture so it pays less taxes. A product designed to get the attention of all unsuspecting Brazilians.

It can be assembled both as a bike and as furniture. When assembled as a bike: 70% taxes. When assembled as furniture: only 12%. It’s built with the same parts and the same materials, it’s just put together differently. A small difference that makes all the difference. After presenting our bike, we asked bikers and bike lovers just one thing: get off their asses off and do something about it.