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Viking invasion ‘The Last Kingdom’ hit the streets of Amsterdam

By November 5, 2015 No Comments

This morning, a Nordic Viking invasion hit the streets of Amsterdam. Dressed up in fur and iron, a group of wild men the invaders left a trail of ships at the Vikingpath and other streets to raise attention for BBC First’s exciting new series The Last Kingdom. The guerrilla stunt, which will also be executed in several other cities in The Netherlands, is created by Isobar and Raúl&Rigel for the launch of BBC First’s latest series The Last Kingdom. The campaign will continue on the Facebook channel of BBC First.  The Last Kingdom is full of fierce battles and political play and centers around the young hero Uhtred. He was born the son of a Saxon nobleman, but was kidnapped to Denmark and raised by Vikings. Dutch viewers will spot a familiar face amongst the Vikings: Rutger Hauer portrays King Ravn, ex-soldier and former Viking King.

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