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Burger King – AI Designed campaign

By September 27, 2018 No Comments

Burger King surprises with the first campaign designed by AI. The result is not convincing yet! Good news for all creatives! One of the most discussed topics in the marketing world is the influence of artificial intelligence on the creative process. At Burger King, it was thought that at some point in a development, trying is sometimes about studying. AI created the following headlines: “The chicken crossed the road to become a sandwich.”or “The chicken sandwich from Burger King, tastes like bird.”

Alexis Verschueren

Alexis Verschueren

Creative Partner/Owner Raúl&Rigel, a Live Brand Experience Advertising Agency. What interests me the most is finding new trails in unconventional brand experiences. Creating live interactive brand experiences by thinking, listening, co-experiencing, feeling, talking, energizing, supporting, embracing and connecting with people of different backgrounds. Specialties: Disruptive thinking I Live Brand Experience mkt I Guerrilla mkt I New Technology mkt