Nike organized a very special marathon last week: Breaking 2. Three of the fastest athletes in the world attempted to run a marathon (42,2 kilometers) in under 2 hours. The two hours boundry is a magical one in marathon history: the current record, which is set by Dennis Kimetto is 2:02:57.

This project, called Breaking2, is a way to promote the special Nike Vaporfly running shoe. The race was organized under perfect circumstances: on an asphalt loop track outside Milan. A site with low elevation, a minimal amount of wind and the perfect temperature of 12 degrees Celsius. Fans were able to watch the race live online.

What’s interesting is that Adidas announced a similar campaign in February, to promote the Sub2 shoe.

Seven months of preparation didn’t lead to the magical result, but the race still has historical results. The Olympic champion Kipchoge ran the race in 2 hours and 25 seconds. Because it’s not an official event, this is not an official world record. But still, Kipchoge ran faster than anyone has ever done before in a marathon.

Alexis Verschueren

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